Please nvidia official to introduce which wifi module can be used

I hope that NVIDIA officially will be able to launch a detailed instructional tutorial to tell you which wireless network cards are available and which ones are currently unavailable.

I am currently testing, 7260, 3165, 9260 can not be used. Only know that 8265 can be used, the information is still from the github description page of jetbot

Hi 434379124, please see the Supported Componets List:

Other wireless chipsets may work too, you may just need to build their driver modules.

Hi, i see nothing in this link

Hi di.wu, can you try Edimax EW-7811Un or Intel 8265NGW?

I just bought an ANEWISH WiFi Adapter. And I see someone says it is because the USB3 conflicting with the WiFi driver. Is that true?

I will try your suggestion after I fail with a USB2 extension cord. Great thanks.