Wifi card of Jetbot

Hello everyone I come from in VietNam.
I’m making a self - driving car (Jetbot). I saw Jetbot using a standard 8265 wifi card. Can I use a lower standard wifi card? Ex: standard 7260 or standard other.
Hope everyone help me!
Thank you very much!

Hi ketkun141,

Please see the Supported Componets List: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/jetson-nano-supported-components-list
Other wireless chipsets may work too, you may just need to build their driver modules.

Thank you very much

i have connected the correct wifi card, however, i am trying to do the nvidia course online and instead of doing the usb connection i want to connect via wifi to access the jupyter lab. I have the jetson nano ip address but when i type IPADDRESS:8888 on chrome in windows it doesn’t find it.