Jetson Nano + Intel WiFi Link 5300

I am trying to make the Jetson Nano work with the Intel WiFi Link 5300 card. So far I haven’t had any success.
From what I know about the required drivers for the card, the CSI 802.11 tool has been used for this Intel card. But the main issue here is the kernel version. The CSI tool has been designed for the usual ubuntu 16.04/18.04 with kernel versions 4.15. And the Jetson Nano runs on a different kernel altogether (uname -r command gives a tegra tag in the end rather than the generic tag).

Can anyone point me in the right direction please (any documentation/tutorials?). Or is this a lost cause. Because I checked the compatible card list as well and this Intel card doesn’t show there or anywhere else either.

We haven’t test and verified the Intel WiFi Link 5300 card. on Jetson Nano, we have some suggestions in compatible card list with USB/M.2 interface. But that doesn’t mean we don’t support other wifi card with the same interface. It depends on the wifi vendor for suppling the right wifi driver for kernel 4.19(current working on nano). Or they share the source code for driver which can build and load with Kernel 4.19.

From the information you share about Intel WiFi Link 5300 card. I noticed that it only support mini PCIE IF. On Jetson nano we have standand M.2 Key E used for Wifi card. Suggest to try with the wifi card with the same IF or the card within the compatible card list.

Thank you for the response, @alanz . I will get in touch with my group and see if we can resolve the driver issue with the vendor. As for the card, I have been using a M.2 Key E to USB adapter to plug the card into the Jetson Nano.