Seeking Solution for Using Intel AX200 Wi-Fi Card on Jetson Nano

I am a user of Jetson Nano and have been utilizing this platform for a while now. Recently, I installed an Intel AX200 Wi-Fi card on my device, but it appears that the device is unable to recognize this card. I understand that this may be due to the current 4.9 version kernel used by Jetson Nano, which doesn’t support this Wi-Fi card.

I have searched through this forum for related information and it seems this issue has been present for some time, yet I haven’t found a definitive solution. I’ve seen discussions about upgrading the kernel, but I understand this might bring additional challenges, particularly potential device driver issues.

I would like to ask if there is a stable and reliable method to use the Intel AX200 Wi-Fi card on Jetson Nano? I don’t mind if it requires additional steps, as long as I can use this Wi-Fi card on my device. Any suggestions or guides would be greatly appreciated.

Furthermore, I would like to know if NVIDIA has plans to support higher version kernels in future updates, or if there are plans to provide support for the Intel AX200 Wi-Fi card?

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Best regards

Jetson Nano is End Of Life - there won’t be any future updates from NVidia or Ubuntu (18.04 is EOL since May 2023 - release+5y). You are going to be stuck with what you have.

If you absolutely need current Jetpacks and OS versions or more computing power than you may want to upgrade to Orin Nano. This will get support at least until 2027/04.

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