Jetson Nano enable WiFi intel AX200 then shutdown

Hi everyone,

I follow this blog to implement the Jetson Nano + intel AX200 for being sniffer to capture wifi 6’s packets. You too can have a sub-$200 .11ax client – Hypergeek Wi-Fi

Everything went smooth until I reboot and enable WiFi networking, you can check from below picture I can actually detect APs signal. But Jetson Nano would shutdown soon, I can not connect internet via wifi. In fact, most of time when I enable WiFi function, Jetson Nano would directly shutdown and reboot by itself.

First in my mind is beacuse of power supply, but when I changed the power from microUSB to DC power jack (also put the jumper on J48). Jetson Nano would still shutdown and reboot by itself.

Moreover, the Jetson Nano board I used is A02.

How can I solve this problem?


I have the same problem. I also use the board in version A02.
After installing the Intel AX200 card in the M.2 slot, Jetson Nano restarts after connecting to the WiFi network.

At first, I also thought that the problem might be too weak power supply. I connected the power via the DC connector, but the problem persists.

The power supply is probably not the reason - I checked the current consumption: approx. 2 - 2.2A.


So far, I still couldn’t solve this problem. I just want to update my latest observation to you.
Cause I thought that maybe the issue is due to using the board in version A02, then I tried B01 last week.
It still has the same problem, just don’t spend time doing what I did last week.

Refer to below to see if can help:
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