Wifi on Jetson agx xavier

I bought a TP-Link WN725N v3 to enable wifi connectivity on the Jetson but couldn’t get it to work as there was no driver support on the Xavier’s kernel.
is there a way to get it running? if yes, how?
if not, what other alternatives do I have?
also, I need the M2 slot for harddisk so a USB alternative is preferred.

For harddisk you will use another M.2 slot, they are of different types: e.g M.2 E key - that is what intel 8265NGW wifi will use. And M.2 M key that e.g M.2 2280 SSD’s will use.
There are also M.2 B keys that are used for SSd’s, but Xavier has M, as it seems to me.

source of the image
Moreover, when you will be getting SSD, make sure it is NVME ssd M.2 and not SATA ssd M.2.

Thank you.
if there’s a way to get the usb one I currently have, to start working, then that will be really appreciated.

Looking at this, it seems drivers for new HW v3 version are available for Mac or Windows, but Linux drivers are 8 years old…it was a beta version for kernel 2.6, with formal version then announced soon, but…
You may ask them for schedule, or look for a Wifi solution having a driver for Linux kernel 4.9.