Wifi USB Adapter does not work with Jetson AGX Xavier even though it is listed under Jetson Network ...

I used the following:

To my happiness, I happened to have the exact USB wifi plug here: Edimax EW-7811Un 150Mbps Wireless 802.11n USB nano adapter

It has worked flawlessly for me on the raspberry pi, and I figured it would work with Jetson too.

The wiki is so nice that it says “rtl8192cu chipset based adapter” and says steps to follow!

I did exactly what it said:

  • Download & unzip Media:rtl8192cufw.bin.zip,
  • Then copy this firmware driver into the “/lib/firmware/rtlwifi” folder on the device using root permissions.

The part that confused me was this:
“Finally, set the Wifi settings either through your Desktop Environment’s NetworkManager GUI or from command-line by editing “/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf” with root permissions, as shown here.”

When I go into System Settings and Wifi, it says there is no adapter (even though it is plugged into a USB hub that also has a keyboard and mouse plugged in which both light up and work)

Just in case, I followed the website linked and did this:

sudo apt-get install linux-firmware

I checked that the file (.bin file that was unzipped from what I had downloaded) was under the /lib/firmware/rtlwifi directory, which it was.

Then I executed command “nmcli dev”, and it showed nothing about wlan…

I then used this command:

nmcli dev wifi connect <YOUR_SSID_HERE> password <YOUR_KEY_HERE>

and I get the error of no wireless adapter found.

The only explanation I can think of is that the Jetson adapter in the wiki page works only for maybe older TK1, but not the AGX Xavier?

Please help. Again, this driver works simply by plugging into a Raspberry Pi, but it doesn’t work even though I followed wiki instructions on the Jetson Wiki Page.

Hi asrocki, as indicated on the wiki page those adapters are for TK1. Officially validated WiFi adapters for Xavier are listed in the Jetson AGX Xavier Supported Components List.

Others here on the forum have gotten alternate adapters working by enabling their drivers in the kernel. The driver downloaded from that TK1 wiki is older and probably not updated for recent Linux kernel that Xavier runs.

Thanks dusty_nv, where on the Jetson AGX does this (Intel 8265 NGW) plug into? Is it the PCI slot right next to the heatsink/fan?

Seems a little strange it is the only wireless network adapter that is officially validated… would have thought there would be a few more options for wireless adapters than just one.

It needs to be plugged to the M.2 slot next to the HDMI port.

I believe the driver for rtl8192 chipset is not enabled on rel-31. You could try to download the source and enable it by yourself.

Next release should include these drivers.