Usb wifi dongle not working. Compatible USB wifi dongle for Xavier?

which USB wifi dongle are compatible with AGX Xavier?

See reference from How to connect Nvidia Xavier to wifi network?

Which USB dongle you’re using?

@kayccc thank you for looking into this.

I am using this usb dongle>> blueshadow

I have multiple robots and hence i need plug and play kind of application so that I don’t have to buy multiple wifi adapters for each of them.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a list for supported usb wifi dongle.

If you try arbitrary dongle and it does not work, please file a topic for us to check.

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@WayneWWW thanks for fast response. Can you please help me on How and where do I file a topic ?

Thank you

I meant just as how you filed a post here.

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hi @WayneWWW I am okay with buying any dongle which is easy pluging in and disconnecting when not needed.

I am going to create another topic with links to the driver and product.

link to the new post: Usb wifi dongle not working AGX xavier dev kit. Please help with getting "usb" wifi dongle