How to connect Nvidia Xavier to wifi network?

Please can I know how to connect Xavier to wifi?

Xavier doesn’t embed wifi, but there is a M2 connector for plugging a wifi card in.

So any one from these should work ?

Was trying to open the xavier board to connect M2 connector.
Any documentation I can look for guidance?

you may use the video as reference:
I did not try with usb dongle though. However, M.2 kit you may procure via:

Thanks a lot all of you for your quick responses
Wifi dongle works with Xavier buy connecting it via USB.
Will order M2 connector.

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Hi pharatekomal,
Can you guide the steps to make USB WiFi Adapter Working,
And Specify the Wifi Adapter Which your Using.

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hi @pharatekomal Can you please guide how to use USB dongle?

Thank you

Hi Andrey1984,

do we need to install any drivers to enable the WIFI ? as I installed Intel 8265 module as you recommended, but Jetson AGX not able to detect this module by using the command lspci or nmcli device

the driver installation is not required as far as I can see the card is supported by the default stock OS as long as it is presented in the system.
lspci should show some information or the outputs of the command below could be used for troubleshooting
what is the output of the command below?
rfkill list all

Hi Andrey,

Thanks for the reply, don’t know why after key in the command sudo iwconfig and dmesg , the Wifi module become detectable, and now the Wifi is in working condition.

Thanks, have a nice day!

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