4G modem/WiFi dongle


Anyone managed to connect a working WiFi AND/OR 4G modem USB dongle to the Xavier ?
If so - which model and drivers you used ?

I am aware of the intel M.2 solution, I am looking for a USB dongle.

Thanks !

Hi dannykario,

You can reference our supported component list:

How is this marked “Solution”?! The “component list” is basically empty, no wifi dongles listed at all.

Agreed, I am also looking to connect a SIMcard to the Jetson to provide 4G connection, however am not able to find a compatible dongle

as the topic is named
4G modem/WiFi dongle
it implies that / stands for logical OR
so that the supported component list addresses at least the latter part of the concern - specifically it lists explicitly WiFi solution.
For 4G you may start a separate thread in the forum.