What is a compatible M.2 NGFF LTE chip I can use?

I wanted to test a wireless communication over a long range network.

Is this compatible with the AGX?

Hi spottybadrabbit,

For you reference, our internal is using Intel 7260NGW M.2 Module for tested.

but 7260NGW M.2 isn’t LTE, is it?

Moreover, intel wifi 8265 M.2 is said to be supported by Xavier devkit , but it is WiFi, not LTE and you would need to get it with antennas that come with “desktop kit intel wifi 8265”, but again, that is rather wifi than LTE, as it appears to me.

Hi Andrey1984,

No, It’s not LTE.
We’re not support for LTE, sorry for this.

Does it have to be M.2 module? There’re plenty of usb LTE modem options which might be less complicated to setup.


Thanks I got it working by default the mount point is /mnt/ and has to be change to //media/nvidia/NAME_OF_SSD. I saw extlinux is not available could you point me to where I can build from source? As I checked boot/extlinux/ but no conf files. I saw the boot manager has been changed what is the new boot system and is there a read me to boot from the NNMe SSD?

Hi spottybadrabbit,

The boot from the NNMe SSD is not supported, but SDcard and USB now.