Recommended M.2 WiFi module for TX2 4GB?

Is there an officially supported M.2 slot WiFi module for the new TX2 4GB? If not officially supported, then is there a recommendation from Nvidia?

Ideally, it would use “worldwide safe” channels, similar to the regular TX2 module.


There is a supported components list you can download from Jetpack download center, you can find the recommended WIFI module from there, As I know Intel 8265 NGW is working well on all the Jetson platform. In fact the wifi module which is well support standard m.2 interface should work well not only on Jetson.

Does the Intel 8265 NGW work out of the box on the TX2 4GB?

Is it possible to test this Wifi module on a regular TX2 8GB, or will it not work because there is already wifi onboard?

There will be two wifi endpoint on your TX2(wlan0, wlan1), one is from onboard wifi, another is from intel 8265 NGW. Intel 8265 NGW is only work for M.2 interface.

We purchased an 8265 module to test on the TX2, but it does not show up. We only see wlan0. Running “lspci” returns nothing. Is there some other configuration we’re missing?

We just received a TX2 4GB module and installed the latest JetPack 4.2.1 using SDK Manager and are getting the same results.

The Jetson Nano worked out of the box with the same M.2 wifi module.