Interface raspberry pi with jetsontx2

I’m new to jetson tx2 I am not sure how to connect raspberry pi 3 with jetson tx2. Can any one help me to sort this out for me.

Like most computers, you could just use ethernet. Sometimes a serial port works. It just depends on what you mean by “connect”…a description of your use-case would help.

Thanks for your response.

My use case is I am collecting some sensor data through raspberry pi so I have to send those sensor data to jetson tx2. To be more clear my raspberry pi will act as an middleman between sensors and jetson. So I need to connect raspberry pi with jetson

What kind of data? Is it required in real time? Copying files is easy. Some data formats can be live streamed, but might not be as “real time” as wanted. One can easily cat a file on one system, and over ssh, receive the cat. Or the same thing using pipes. If you need some sort of guaranteed timing or response though, then things might get a lot tougher. Someone viewing a video can tolerate latencies that a safety critical controller cannot tolerate. More details.

The data is real time data.

The real time data from the sensors
please guide me

Thanks in advance

What kind of data? A streaming protocol? Raw binary data? A gstreamer pipeline? What application needs to read the data? Can you say anything more about the program which runs on the TX2, especially what the program would normally use as data input if the data were generated directly on the TX2?

There isn’t much chance of making the RPi exactly hard realtime, but if you can tolerate a bit of latency, then ethernet is the likely choice. Sometimes netcat or ssh in combination with other commands will do the trick.

Its raw data directly from sensors is published to raspberry pi using mqtt protocol and what im trying to do is I need to send or transfer this raw data to jetson tx2. There no data input generated directly on the TX2.

Sensors are connected to different controller I have collected raw data from sensors using mqtt protocol i received to raspberry pi also. Only thing I should know how to connect raspberry pi and jetson TX2

Please help me in this

You might consider using ethernet and netcat (see “man nc”). Lots of examples of using this on the internet, e.g.:…0j0i22i30.2190.5482…6869…0.0…0.73.1310.21…2…0…1…gws-wiz…0…0i131j0i10.P0KLxw2841A

Will the Jetson and RPi have the ability to use wired ethernet? This is simple to use if that is the case…if you don’t have access to a router you could statically configure their ethernet addresses to some private non-routeable address.

I don’t know enough about mqtt to say what difficulties you will run into, but apparently it can be used in dialup connections, and is thus already serial (which netcat would be good with). A serial UART would be much slower, but is a possibility as well…something like a 56k modem could be emulated. You will have more difficulties using a serial UART than you will with ethernet, but also there would be lower power consumption. If you don’t need much speed, then this might be better. This isn’t difficult to use, but there might be a bit more knowledge required to set it up.

netcat seems a good solution for passing data over network,
What kind of sensors do you have attached to RPi device?
how do you read from them at rpi? why would you need that information processed at tx? could you just reattach the sensors?