Interface between Raspberry Pi 3B and Jetson TX2

Our old testing system is running on Raspberry Pi 3B, including tests base on Computer Vision, because tests consume much time, I bring all Computer Vision tasks and furthermore Machine Learning to Jetson TX2.
I am considering that can I send commands - starting the tests to Jetson TX2, Jetson processes image fed from CSI camera then send processed image and data back to Pi via USB?

Why need send back to Pi? Anything TX2 can’t do?

Hi, thank you for your attention
Below is our flow:

  • get info of device (watches) from DB
  • start tests of fields: ble, electric of device, computer vision to check if device is produce correctly or not…
  • get all data of tests, processed images, conclude device is passed or failed and compress files
  • post compressed files to our DB

After all tests, all files will be in a same place for being compressed, our old system on Pi so that remaining files are in Pi, TX2’s tasks is control CSI camera to capture images, process and send data, images back to Pi.
Feel free to share your opinion and I really appreciate it.