Interleaved to planar pixel layout [Duplicate]

Hello there,

When I try to feed the DriveNet detector with a dwImageCUDA RGB frame having an interleaved pixel layout (i.e dwImageCuda.prop.planeCount=1) I get the following error:
Driveworks exception thrown: DW_CUDA_ERROR: DataConditioner: Could not create texture object : invalid channel descriptor

So, I tried without success to convert a dwImageCUDA RGB frame with interleaved pixel layout (i.e R0G0B0R1B1G1…) with dwImageCuda.prop.planeCount=1, to planar layout (i.e R0R1R2… G0G1G2… B0B1B2…) with dwImageCuda.prop.planeCount=3. I tried to use the converter for that, but I guess it can modify this kind of property.

SO I did it myself, please tell me if I am wrong:[0] = plane0 = R0R1R2R3…[1] = plane1 = G0G1G2G3…[2] = plane2 = B0B1B2B3…

The problem then occurs when I try to convert my dwImageCPU(with planeCount=3) to a dwImageCuda with planeCount=3, indeed I get this error:

Driveworks exception thrown: DW_INVALID_ARGUMENT: calculatePlaneSizes: plane count and format combination is invalid

And I stuck.


Dear Ben,
Is it a duplicate of ? If so, Let us follow the discussion in that thread.