Internal DMIC and DSPK interface enable on TX2

I want to use internal DMIC and DSPK interface of TX2,i will connect Mic and digital speaker(PDM based) to see the MIC and speaker sound.

how i can enable these internal DMIC i and DSPK interface in TX2,only device tree changes will be required or i need to write some driver also.

Hi anuoam.kumar,

Please refer to

If i have to check dmic and dspk on Tx2 4GB EVK,how we can enable and test it.


The support interfaces for each board are listed here …

The necessary drivers are all included and instructions for testing are listed here …

I believe that there is an error in the above table, because it shows that I2S2, I2S5 and DSPK2 are all available on the 40-pin header. However, this should be 30-pin header (J26).

The only item that may need to be configured is the pinmux to enable the pins. For example, to configure the pinmux for dmic3 on the 40-pin header you can …

$ sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/ -o dtb dmic3
$ sudo reboot