Interrupt configurations in Jetson Nano

Hi team,

I am trying to add support for 6 axis sensor (lsm6dsm) in custom board based on jetson nano. I have added the following dts.
i2c@7000c500 {
status = “okay”;
lsm6dsm@6a {
compatible = “st,lsm6dsm”;
reg = <0x6a>;
interrupt-parent = <&gpio>;

I am using GPIO2 and GPIO3 as a interrupt pins. But I didn’t get interrupt from these gpios (the lines are always low).

  1. What numbers I need to specify in the interrupts properties 2 & 3 or gpio number using TEGRA_GPIO(H,3) formula or interrupt numbers from interrupt mapping table ?
  2. And what is LIC interrupt numbering should I use LIC interrupt numbers for these gpio interrupts ?

Could you please help me to solve this issue .


hello ajith.kumaresh,

you may expose that via sysfs.
please also check similar discussion thread, Topic 112140 for reference.