Introduction to Robotics Simulation course

I bought the Introduction to Robotics Simulation course. A few Exercises(for Example: hello_physics ex.2 adding multiple cubes) are not working anymore. I dont know if thats related to updates of Isaac sim. I hope that you can solve that issue because it is quiet frustrating that there are many errors in a course which costs 30 euro.
Best regards

@niklasusa20 i am just another OV user and have no history of purchasing courses. is this a course on the DLI? if you don’t mind, could you provide a link to the course should the mods/devs get around to checking it out?

one thing you could consider doing is to reach out to the official DLI support ( and make sure they are aware the course material isn’t up to date or possibly ask for a refund. i personally haven’t purchased any courses, so i can’t say what your odds are at getting your reimbursements (but wouldn’t hurt to ask).