Best course / source / videos / documentation to learn Isaac Sim for Reinforcement Learning

Dear All,

I am struggling to learn Isaac Sim from documentation provided by Nvidia on their official website.

Why I could not learn from Nvidia Isaac Sim provided documentation?

  1. The documentation provided is not complete.

  2. The examples provided are not designed from scratch.

  3. They are using complex robots to show us how to train and run them using python while ignoring how to model those robots in GUI.

  4. Even paid courses are not designed to teach people how to model complex robots from scratch and then add functionality to those robots until Reinforcement learning in Isaac Sim or Isaac Gym or Orbit.

  5. Very poorly structured website for beginners.

Could anyone please help me / guide me on how to design a customer 3-wheel complex robot in Isaac sim GUI or Imported from Solidworks and then train that robot using reinforcement learning?

I’m tired of removing errors and using hit-and-trial methods.