Introductry Research Efforts in Generative AI


Hello all,
I have just started my research in the Generative AI field so I’m a complete beginner; I wanted to know if there are any open-source Nvidia software or models that I can use in my upcoming projects for text-to-3D object generation.
Also since I have just started, I would appreciate any advice on how to proceed in order to learn more about 3D object generative AI. In addition, I want to know if any team member in the Omniverse team is open to future collaborations or discussions about interesting ideas about Gen AI.
Thank you for checking my questions.

Hello! Yes, we’d love to learn more about your use cases. We have a few generative AI offering. Text-to-3D is part of the Picasso service - NVIDIA Picasso In general, you will be building an OV Kit extension with any gen AI APIs.

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