SIGGRAPH: Special Address: Graphics, AI, and the Emergence of Shared Worlds [ Tuesday, August 10 | 8am PDT ]

See our SIGGRAPH 2021 Special Address with Richard Kerris, Vice President, Omniverse, NVIDIA and Sanja Fidler , Director of AI, NVIDIA Introduction by Alvy Ray Smith

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In NVIDIA’s SIGGRAPH 2021 Special Address, we unveiled our latest NVIDIA Omniverse announcements:

GANverse3D Image2Car - Omniverse AI Toy Box Extension

A new Omniverse extension, GANverse3D - Image2Car, makes 3D modeling easier with AI. It’s the first entry in the Omniverse AI Toy Box.

Blender 3.0 Alpha USD Branch

Blender, the world’s leading open-source 3D animation tool, will soon have Universal Scene Description (USD) support, enabling artists to access Omniverse production pipelines.

Adobe Substance Plugin for Omniverse

Adobe is collaborating with NVIDIA on a Substance 3D plugin that will bring Substance Material support to Omniverse, unlocking new material editing capabilities for Omniverse and Substance 3D users.


OmniSurface is now in open beta, available in Omniverse Create. OmniSurface simplifies rendering of complex materials, capable of modeling a wide variety of surface appearances, including plastic, concrete, water, car paint, skin, foliage, foam, wax, wood, velvet, etc.

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