Is Headless running at Maximum Power?

I’m trying to figure out if my 2 headless 1070’s are running at their max performance. In NVIDIA X Settings, I set all my cards (970 for display) to Maximum Performance under the PowerMizer settings. I then write out everything by quitting (which is what it says it does) to my ~/.nvidia-config-rc file.

The apparently relevant info here is the file:

Timer = PowerMizer_Monitor_(GPU_2),Yes,1000
Timer = Thermal_Monitor_(GPU_2),Yes,1000
Timer = Memory_Used_(GPU_2),Yes,3000
Timer = PowerMizer_Monitor_(GPU_0),Yes,1000
Timer = Thermal_Monitor_(GPU_0),Yes,1000
Timer = Memory_Used_(GPU_0),Yes,3000
Timer = Memory_Used_(GPU_1),Yes,3000
Timer = Thermal_Monitor_(GPU_1),Yes,1000
Timer = PowerMizer_Monitor_(GPU_1),Yes,1000

When I run nvidia-settings -l to load the config, this supposedly writes this info to XOrg. In looking at the XOrg file, I see no mention of the 2 headless cards, only my 970 for display. Are the other cards truly running at maximum performance? I’m utilizing these cards for GPU rendering with Redshift, and things are feeling a tad slow.