Is it possible to compile optix code under cuda 5?

I’ve been trying to get into OptiX so I may be missing something, but it seems that OptiX has problems with CUDA 5, is that correct?

If my ray generation program calls rtTrace then rtProgramCreateFromPTXFile returns an unknown error. If I try to compile with cuda 4.2 or comment out rtTrace it seems to go through fine with the compilation. Unfortunately the computer that I need to compile and run the final code on uses cuda 5 and not 4.2.

Is there a way around the problem?


What version of OptiX are you using? I’ve been using OptiX 3.0.0 with CUDA 5 and have had no problems at all.

I’ve tried OptiX 3.0 under Linux. Code compiles fine with Cude 4.2 but compilation dies on call to rtTrace with Cuda 5. As long as I do not call rtTrace everything is peachy