is it possible to connect eGPU after xorg starts?

Is it possible to connect eGPU after xorg starts?
There’s no problem with connect it and loading nvidia, nvidia_drm drivers before xorg starts. But what’s about running xorg with iGPU and only certain applications on eGPU?
Also interested in connect external display, can it be done with eGPU help?

arch (linux-lts)
eGPU nvidia gtx 1050ti (440.44-10)

Unfortunately, the Xorg server doesn’t support hotplugging this way. The first problem is that the server hard-codes the “modesetting” driver in the hotplug handler, so it won’t load the required NVIDIA driver components.

I tried fixing that in the X server but then ran into a second problem, which is that trying to set up the layer we need to support render offload fails for a reason very similar to the one I described here:

For now, your best bet is to connect the eGPU before starting the X server. Note that you’ll have to enable the AllowExternalGpus option for the X driver to bind to external GPUs.

Thanks a lot, do your know is it possible in wayland or may be some plans for support hotplugging (on X or wayland)? i know about AllowExternalGpus option, all work fine with reboot or start second x session