Is it possible to flash eMMC image to TK1 from a windows PC ?


I would like to flash TK1 with an eMMC image over USB from a windows machine. Currently I do it
from a Ubuntu PC, as explained here, by :

sudo ./nvflash --rawdevicewrite 0 3849216 all.img --bl ardbeg/fastboot.bin --go

I would like to ask if there are windows versions of “nvflash” and “fastboot.bin” that could
enable me to do this from a windows PC ?

Thank you,
Sharon Golan

Just to correct myself…

A windows version of “nvflash” is the only one required for me. “fastboot.bin”
is a TK1 side executable of course… sorry.


nvflash is an ELF executable…Windows has no ability to execute this. This is essentially the flash program at its core, so you need a Linux PC to access the recovery mode Jetson.

Thank you linuxdev.

I am using nvflash on Ubuntu PC for a while, so I’m aware of it being a linux application.

However, I did encounter the use of nvflash variant on windows PC, for GTX GPUs configuration.
Like in this page for example

I can’t tell if this is the same nvflash exactly. Maybe it’s another version of it, I don’t know.

So what I am trying to find out is whether there is a windows exe version of nvflash that
is capable of providing the same functionality as the elf used for Jetson boards.

This could enable me do flashing via USB from a windows PC. Such a use will simplify things in
production phase.

Thanks again,

I doubt it is set up for a Jetson. It looks like it is designed for a video card and not a Jetson. FYI, there are many features of a PC video card which won’t work on a Jetson…a PC video card is a PCIe device, whereas a Jetson has the GPU hard wired to the memory controller without any PCI access. If for some strange reason that hacked version of nvflash worked on a Jetson’s GPU it still would not work because of the wiring to a memory controller instead of wiring to PCI.