Is it possible to have more than 2 x 4K video decoders in streaming mode if only 2 are used simultaneously?

I would like to know whether the Jetson AGX Xavier computers would support “any number” of decoder/converter pipelines setup in one software, knowing that only 2 of them would be user simultaneously.

The way my software manages the pipeline makes it complicated to handle the RESOLUTION CHANGE event, so I would prefer to have more streams. My concern, however, is that I cannot turn off the streaming mode (because it “breaks” the buffer management I have).

So, say I have pipeline A and pipeline B.

I receive data that works in A, so I send it to A.

Later on, the data I receive will not work in A but it will work just fine in B. I wait for all the data I sent to A to be processed and all the buffers to be returned in a “waiting” mode.

Can I then start using B without turning off the streaming mode of A?

I think I’ll run out of memory, though. But I was wondering whether that had any chance of working.

It sounds like this should be working but the coding is complicated. You may give it a try.

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