Is it possible to use 1TB SD Card for Orin Nano

Hello, I’m new to Orin nano. I have one question for initial setup.
I heard that 64GB SD card is recommended for Orin Nano, and 128GB is possible to use for Orin Nano.

However, I can’t get any information how about 1TB.
Is it possible?

Hi, SD card is not supported on Orin nano.

Oops, I mean the microSD card.
Is it possible to use 1TB microSC card for orin nano?

It is not supported.

I’m confused…

According to this link (, I need microSD card…

“Initially, a computer with Internet connection and the ability to flash your microSD card is also required.”

The Orin nano devkit with SD slot can suppport that. It supports up to 2TB card. The commercial module has no SD slot and so does not support that. The external storage like nvme is supported.

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I got it.
Thank you for your kind explanation.

Have a nice day : )

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