Jetson Orin Nano SD Card Reader


There is an SD card socket on the carrier card we developed.

We made the connections based on the design below.

In Pinmux, should I select GPIO3_PAG.XX or PEX_xx?

Do I also need to make any adjustments to the kernel?

When I do dmesg, there is no record of SDHC.


Hi, SDMMC is not supported on Orin Nano. Please refer to the Orin nano design guide for detail.

I used DTB file tegra234-p3767-0004-p3509-a02.dtb.

Is there any way I can make it work with software intervention?

No, it is not supported on Orin nano.

There is nothing to configure from software as there is totally not hardware support for this on orin nano.

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