SD/SDIO interface compatibility in Jetson Orin Nano

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I need to interface μSD Card with Jetson Orin Nano. As per the datasheet and documents available the Jetson Orin Nano does not support SD/SDIO interface. So is there any option available to interface an external μSD Card with Jetson Orin Nano using any Interface converter?

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Oh do you already have a Jetson Orin Nano? We are trying to get one, but have not been able to get any information yet. Where can it be purchased?

Hi Everyone,

Kindly assist me with the above question.

@jairo.ramirez I don’t have Jetson Orin Nano Module. I am checking on the feasibility.

You will need an USB-based SD card reader. There is no other way.
SD cards used to have an SPI mode, which is slower but could be implemented on Orin NX/Nano using one of the SPI interfaces. However, the SPI mode never was mandatory on TF/MicroSD cards, and the number cards that don’t support it ist steadily growing.

So use an USB card reader. If you need an onboard solution, look here:


Yes as fchkjwlsq said, an external converter is necessary since SD/SDIO is not supported.

Please find few USB to SD/SDIO converters available online and help to confirm whether these IC’S can be used to interface SD Card?

  1. VUB300
  2. USB2642

We don’t have suggestion on this kind of external not validated devices.

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