SDIO and eMMC support in Jetson Orin Nano

Hi everyone,

Please help to confirm the below queries.

  1. Does the Jetson Orin Nano is having SDIO interface support?
  2. Is the Jetson Orin Nano is having an internal storage units like eMMC?

In the Jetson Orin Nano Datasheet and Product Design Guide these features are not mentioned.

I also have this question, if the Orin Nano supports SD card?

  1. SDIO is not supported.
  2. There is no eMMC on module, External Storage (NVMe) is supported.

Hi @Trumany

Thank you for the reply.
Regarding the external NVMe storage is there any other storage device available that can be interfaced with Orin Nano for booting and data storage purpose other than SSD. We are not using an SSD module in our device.

Currently only NVMe for that.

Hi @Trumany

Thank you for the confirmation.

Am i understanding correctly that other than SSD there is no other option to boot and store data in Orin Nano?

Yes for now.

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