Is it supported Jetson Xavier NX do dual-connectivity?


I want to use Jetson Xavier NX for IoT services. But there are some issues that I have to connect external network and internal network simultaneously because of some securities. Specifically, I want to send images to server in private network and want to send inferenced result to server in public network simultaneously. If I want to do this, just pluged in private ethernet and connect with wifi to public network? Or is it possible if I just add other lan card module(wifi or ethernet)

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I think you can just add extra ethernet adapter on some interfaces like usb.

FYI, Jetsons don’t handle networking any differently than any other Linux computer would. Default behavior often depends on whether WiFi is used. In the case of using WiFi, often the default behavior is to switch from wired ethernet to WiFi as the user logs in, but that behavior can be changed/customized.

If one were to customize and have two networks running at the same time (regardless of whether or not they are wired or WiFi), then which network is used would depend on whether or not the IP address involved belongs to a given interface’s netmask. I’m speaking just IPv4, but for example, let’s pretend you have some address which sits in the subnet, and another sitting in the subnet. Should you try to talk to something with an address of, which falls in the subnet, then that interface would be used; if you tried to communicate with address, then the other interface would be used. Should you try to talk to some address not in either subnet, then any default route would be used and it would be expected that some upstream gateway would handle this. If there were no default route, and you request an address not directly in one of your two subnets, then you would fail with no route to host.

The whole point being that if you have some private network, and you try to use an address to that network, then only that private network interface would be used. If your public network has an upstream gateway (basically all public internet access to your ISP has this), then all other traffic would go there (either on its direct subnet or via a default route). The trick is to make sure you have both interfaces enabled and that you don’t allow software which automatically handles WiFi switch off the private network (or the public network if it is wired). This is really a Linux network setup question which does not care that the device is a Jetson, and might be better served by describing your current network hardware and details of public/private nets, and which is WiFi versus wired, so on.

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Thank you for your kindness answer!

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