Is Matrox Morphis compatible with Jetson TX2 ?

I wish to use Matrox Morphis Qxt framegrabber along with Jetson TX2. So far I have know the following:

  1. Both have PCIe 4 interface. Hence Matrox Morphis can fit into Jetson TX2.
    2 Jetson TX2 has Ubuntu 16.04 as development evironment over which my libraries for Matrox Framegrabber can be installed.
    Kindly confirm my understanding. Has this experiment been carried out before.

Hi phb1994,

Sorry that we cannot give out a firm answer to this since we don’t officially support this frame grabber.

But by default TX2 indeed supports 4 lane PCIe.

Many forum users have experience in tc358840 HDMI capture module. Is it helpful to you?