Is NVENC dependent on CUDA?


I am looking into the Linux Video Codec SDK 11 samples.
Especially at the NVEnc samples.
I can see the samples are using NvEncoderCuda and i know that there are some features of the encoder that needs cuda.
Is the dependency with cuda a strong one ?
I would like to be able to use NVENC without cuda is that possible ?
Can you point me to the sample that demonstrate this ?


CUDA is mandatory requirement for NVIDIA Video Codec SDK. Can you elaborate more on what you are looking for to help you better?
For graphics interop like Vulkan or OpenGL, usual recommendation is to use existing CUDA interop to get CUDA surface from those textures/images and then use that as an input to Video Codec SDK based sample.
Some of these paths are demonstrated as a sample application available inside SDK.


Thanks for the answer.

The reason that i am asking this is because when you install Video Codec SDK it doesn’t come with CUDA SDK, and then you have all sort of version incompatibility problems that is why i wanted to know if i can use Video Codec SDK without CUDA but know i understand that i can not.