Is Nvidia 261.14 driver CUDA capable?

Now, I have an ASUS U33JC-A1 notebook, with this hardware/software:

· Intel i3 370M
· Nvidia 310M (with the Official driver from ASUS: Version V8.17.12.6114 -> 261.14 NVidia Page )
· Intel Graphic Card ( Official driver from ASUS: Version V8.15.10.2119 )
· Windows 7 Home Edition 64 bits (all updated)

I suppose that I can change between graphic cards, because this notebook have the Optimus Technology, and from Nvidia Panel I can configure this, which applications must use the Nvidia Graphic Card.

My question is about the Nvidia driver. I can’t see if this driver is CUDA capable, i.e, I can develop some applications with this technology.

Someone has experience with this notebook/driver?

I don’t know if I install the last driver from Nvidia Page (260.99 WHQL), this installation will affect to the Optimus Technology…

Thanks for all…


I have a different Asus notebook but with the same driver. I tried the CUDA SDK using this driver but it didn’t work. I tried to install the 260.99 developer driver from Nvidia but it couldn’t detect the notebook. I am right now trying to find a way to run CUDA in my notebook :(.

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Hi Paulo,

I think that Optimus Technology is worst that we have thought… Have you tried the procedure in this document to use CUDA in our notebook?


Did anyone of you manage to solve the issue?