Is NVIDIA Nsight Compute CLI supported on MacOS as the host?

I am confused as to how I would run the command line interface for Nsight Compute on MacOS.

I can’t find the executable and the docs don’t mention MacOS (Nsight Compute CLI :: Nsight Compute Documentation)

Help would be appreciated.

You cannot run Nsight Compute CLI on the MacOS.
Refer Release Notes :: Nsight Compute Documentation.
You can run the Nsight Compute UI on MacOS and collect data from one of the supported remote targets or open a report generated on some target.

Thanks. You should change the wording on the download centre page as it implies the CLI is supported for MacOS.

Can you please point to the specific part of the wording on the download page?

The following on the download page seems to clearly mention supported target platforms:

Nsight Compute allows profiling on x86_64 Windows, Linux, PowerPC, and Arm Server Based System Architecture platforms locally or from Windows, Linux, or MacOS hosts.

"API debugging via a user interface and a command line tool. "

It does not provide this command line tool for MacOS.