IS Offloading Fortran to GPU with nvfortran on older GPU possible (CC61)

I am trying to use OpenMP to offload fortran code to a nvidia GPU using the Nvidia HPC SDK (High Performance Computing (HPC) SDK | NVIDIA) and its nvfortran compiler.

The documentation (HPC Compilers User's Guide Version 22.1 for ARM, OpenPower, x86) for the current version states that to use the GPU features, you must have a GPU with compute capability greater than 7.0 (V100 generation of GPUs)/ My GPU has Compute capability of 6.1. Is there a way to get the compiler to make use of my older GPU (Quadro P2200)?

Compiler error message :

~/source/arunprasaada/Youtube_Tutorials/Fortran_OpenMP/Hello$ nvfortran ./arr_add.f95 -mp=gpu 
nvfortran-Fatal-OpenMP GPU Offload is available only on systems with NVIDIA GPUs with compute capability '>= cc70'

Quote from the documentation:

Use the -⁠mp compiler switch to enable processing of OpenMP directives and pragmas. The most important sub-options to -⁠mp are the following:

  • gpu: OpenMP directives are compiled for GPU execution plus multicore CPU fallback; this feature is supported on NVIDIA V100 or later GPUs.
  • multicore: OpenMP directives are compiled for multicore CPU execution only; this sub-option is the default.

Are there other approaches for compiling fortran which can use OpenMP + Fortran to offload to GPUs that would support my gpu? I am hoping not to have to buy a newer GPU in this time of crazy prices and low supply.

No, sorry. We only support OpenMP Target Offload to V100s or later.


Gotcha, thanks for the quick response! Is there any plan to support older GPUs?

No, no plans to support older GPU.

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