Is PRIME usable for non-optimus setups?


I am interested in combining the usage of my desktop’s iGPU ( i5 6500) and NVidia GPU. Is the PRIME functionality available for such a desktop or do I need an optimus laptop for that?



Should be possible. What kind of use case are you thinking of?

I’m considering using the iGPU for all usage and NVidia for gaming, i.e. steam and the applications it launches.

The iGPU has to be set to primary in bios and connected to your monitor.
But keep in mind that with plain prime there will be no on demand switching. You can only switch GPUs by logout/reboot.
For a kind of render offloading you would need to use bumblebee or nouveau.

Ack, that is workable.

Ah, I see. I was expecting to be able to launch selected programs only with the NVidia GPU. Will look into bumblebee then, although the solution seems a bit unelegant to me.