Ubuntu 20.04 looking for how to use PRIME to use iGPU on desktop intel + RTX 2070 Super

So I’ve seen posts here and I’ve gotten it to work before where xorg was rendered on the iGPU and the Nvidia GPU was only powered on when I was running applications using Cuda(e.g. Tensorflow), but recently it seems to be broke? I can render xorg on my iGPU but my Nvidia GPU remains power on.

Below are the two related links.

Below is my attached log files.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (402.0 KB)


while it should be “auto”. This should be set by a udev rule Ubuntu installs. Please check if it’s installed /lib/udev/rules.d/50-pm-nvidia.rules

You should check documentation.


For some reason 50-pm-nvidia.rules is missing. I also just did a fresh reinstall of the driver and it seems on-demand is working correctly now, but if I try to do the xorg.conf file like you mentioned in the previous post I reference it doesn’t work correctly.

That user didn’t want an X on-demand setup, so following that post was pointless. Which also explains your issue: you set ‘nogpumanager’, please remove it. The gpu-manager is responsible for creating the missing udev pm file.