Is Tegra X1/X2 compliant with JEDEC's ESD standard?

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Is Tegra X1/X2 compliant with JEDEC’s ESD standard?
If there is a conforming standard, please tell us the standard number.

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Hi BlueYatagarasu,

Please refer to below table:

Hi. Trumany

Thank you for your answer.
It will be a reference for selecting ESD protection parts.

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Hi Trumany,

Might I ask in which document does this Table come from?


It is for chip/module level and not included in Jetson doc as the carrier board is open to air, customer needs to do their own ESD protection design accordingly.

Hi Trumany,

Q1: Are there any available documents regarding the chip/module?

Q2: Does that mean the chip/module has ESD rating of up to the voltages as spec-ed by the table you provided?


  1. No as they are for chip
  2. Even yes for chip, we still suggest customer to do good ESD protection on carrier board and the whole device, as all IOs are line out to carrier board.

Hi Trumany,

Hmmm okay.

I am trying to choose a ESD diode suitable to protect the JETSON module. However I can’t find in any of the JETSON documentation regarding its IEC-61000-4-2 ESD failure voltages (especially IEC 8kV strike), therefore it has been difficult choosing a ESD part with the right clamping voltage.

For example, the ESD protection for HDMI on the Jetson TX2 carrier board is an AZ1045-045F, which has a clamping voltage 12V!! rated at IEC 61000-4-2 6KV strike.

I can’t find documentation on JETSON documentation that says such a ESD voltage is acceptable.

Could you provide some insight into this?

Checked the ESD test result of dev kit is as below:

ESD spec (EN 61000-4-2):
Contact Discharge: +/- 4kV
Air Discharge: +/- 8kV

The test points are mainly on IO ports including HDMI.

Did you find an answer? I have the same issue with Xavier NX. I’m designing custom dev board and I want to provide apropriate ESD protection, but there is no info on the voltage that USB SS Phy can withstand