Is the jetson nano capable of running windows 10 arm edition

I am working on a project and the jetson nano seems perfect for the job but I need the device I use to run windows 7, 8 or 10. Windows 10 has an arm edition that will work fine, but I have yet to see any post of someone actually installing an iso onto the device. Before I buy some of these I need to know if they will function for what I need them to do. Sorry if I am in the wrong place for this I have not seen another place to speak about the jetson nano.

The L4T kernel that the Jetson uses is patched from the upstream Linux kernel to support the Tegra SoC. Windows isn’t officially supported on Jetson, so it would seem doubtful that the functionality from these patches are also included in the Windows kernel, but in theory if someone were to port them (following the L4T sources and TX1 SoC Technical Reference Manual), it could be possible to boot it I suppose, with limited GPU support. Seems unlikely though, sorry.

Thanks that is a perfect answer, I wish there was a bit more functionality from this device, it’s powerful GPU could be very useful for cheap 3d projects, it would completely demolish the raspberry pi.

When the Raspberry Pi was first released, nothing supported it’s Videocore GPU. A lot of work went into getting hardware functionality to the state it is today, much without Broadcom’s help. Give it time. More things work as is already, including CUDA, which can’t run on the Pi’s GPU.

3d apps, whether GL or Vulkan, should work fine out of the box if you install or build them. Is there anything you want to run on Nano that isn’t working right now?

My plan was to run a golf program called optigolf on it, but I may have had to recompile the drivers for the measurement system it uses to measure swing speed. I was looking to run it through windows, I don’t know too much about custom motherboards and arm systems.

Also, the GPU isn’t particularly earthshattering. Most high-end mobile chipsets are much stronger these days. It’s not like an AGX Xavier.

The Jetson Nano is the by now quite old Maxwell architecture, and it has half as many CUDA cores as the Jetson TX1. The Jetson TX1 is what’s in the Nintendo Switch, so by comparison, the Jetson Nano is half a Nintendo Switch.

What’s good about the Nano, though, is that it IS a better GPU than the Raspberry Pi, and it runs a better flavor of OpenGL than the Raspberry Pi, and it has CUDA.

If you want a Windows-ARM device with a GPU better than the Pi, try something like the Asus Tinker Board?
(I was going to recommend the Snapdragon based DragonBoard, but that hasn’t been updated for the newer versions, so it’s probably not very fast.)

I am very aware of this. Half a swich can still do a lot and is way more than a Pi.

And a lot more memory, and it’s a 64 bit kernel and user space, and it has better docker support out of the box and it’s capable of being secured better and a lot of other things. The Pi is nice, but it’s limited.

Either that or an intel NUC. I found a cheap $40 Atom based board the other week, though.

Could you provide drivers to be able to run windows 10 on arm?

no “windows 10 64-bit on arm” selection in driver downloads