Is there any limitation of number of DMABUF fd that can be allocated?


My environment is Jetson NX Orin 16Gb, Jetpack 5.1.2

I am trying to allocate more than 1024 buffers using NvBufSurfaceAllocate in the loop.
The resolution is not so large so it’s definitely enough RAM memory.

But during my tests I got:

[2023-10-04 10:31:00.553] [info] fd 1019
[2023-10-04 10:31:00.553] [info] fd 1020
[2023-10-04 10:31:00.553] [info] fd 1021
[2023-10-04 10:31:00.553] [info] fd 1022
[2023-10-04 10:31:00.553] [info] fd 1023
NVMAP_IOC_GET_FD failed: Bad address
[2023-10-04 10:31:00.561] [info] fd -24
NVMAP_IOC_GET_FD failed: Bad address
[2023-10-04 10:31:00.569] [info] fd -24

Is there any way to extend the limit if it exists?


Please refer to discussion in the topic:
R35's dmabuf uses too many fds (starting from less than 1024) in decoding

And try the possible solutions


your_username hard nofile 4096
your_username soft nofile 4096

in /etc/security/limits.conf helped

Thank you very much!

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