Is there any plan to provide Maxine AR plugin for unreal engine?

Hello everyone,
I am an Unreal developer. I am trying to implement Maxine AR bodyTrack in Unreal Engine. Now I have encountered some difficulties. I have ported the code of the sample program to Unreal Engine, but the program crashed when calling NvAR_Load.
I have run the sample program correctly before this, and I can’t determine whether the problem comes from Unreal Engine or Maxine. I think if there is a ready-made Maxine plug-in, my problem will be solved.

Hey @1005856062

The easiest way is to broadcast all joint data and angles over TCP, e.g. using ZeroMQ and subscribe in UE4 C++ (maybe BP it will work as well) and propagate further to whatever target you want. It is probably the easiest way.