Is there any plan to provide Maxine AR plugin for unreal engine?

Hello everyone,
I am an Unreal developer. I am trying to implement Maxine AR bodyTrack in Unreal Engine. Now I have encountered some difficulties. I have ported the code of the sample program to Unreal Engine, but the program crashed when calling NvAR_Load.
I have run the sample program correctly before this, and I can’t determine whether the problem comes from Unreal Engine or Maxine. I think if there is a ready-made Maxine plug-in, my problem will be solved.


Hey @1005856062

The easiest way is to broadcast all joint data and angles over TCP, e.g. using ZeroMQ and subscribe in UE4 C++ (maybe BP it will work as well) and propagate further to whatever target you want. It is probably the easiest way.


Thanks @IlyaEfanov for helping!
@1005856062 - were you able to over come the initial crash - and made any further progress on your project?

Hi. Were you able to bring Maxine AR BodyTrack into Unreal Engine? If so, could you share the steps? Thanks!

Hello, any news on this issue?
I’m trying to integrate the Maxine SDK with Unreal engine and the truth is costing me more than I expected.
Could someone share the steps or some advice?