How to run Maxine AR SDK on Nvidia V100?

Hey guys

I have a fully configured Azure VM with V100

It’s written on the Maxine SDK page that V100 is supported. Also written that Linux and Windows 10 are supported.

But there’s no AR SDK distribution for Linux and how to use AR SDK at all. Everything is for Windows only.

Also there’s NO Windows 10 distribution for Volta architecture… I tried to install both for Ampere and Turing with no success…
It always fails with the following error…



C:\Users\newton\Downloads\NVIDIA_AR_SDK_Win_0.7.6.2\samples\BodyTrack>SET PATH=C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem;C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Windows\System32\OpenSSH\;C:\Users\newton\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps;;..\..\samples\external\opencv\bin;..\..\bin;

C:\Users\newton\Downloads\NVIDIA_AR_SDK_Win_0.7.6.2\samples\BodyTrack>BodyTrack.exe --model_path=..\..\bin\models --in=bodytrack.mp4 --offline_mode
Enable capturing cuda graph = 1
ERROR: The GPU is not supported, line 90
ERROR: An error has occured while initializing KeyPoint Detection
ERROR: an error has occured while creating a feature


Ultimately, I want to run Maxine AR SDK, specifically 3d Human Pose Estimator, on V100 or ideally on T4 based Azure VM on Linux or ideally on Windows 10, we already have a lot of software that was tested on Windows 10… but according to the documentation it’s unclear how to do that…

Can you point me out to relevant resources, please ?



Similar issue here:

  • T4 GPU (listed as supported on the NVidia website, and based on Turing)
  • AWS g4dn.2xlarge instance with Windows 10 server 2022
  • Installed latest driver from NVidia site
  • Installed the Video Effects installer for Turing from here: NVIDIA Broadcast Software Integrations: Download Resources
  • Restarted computer.

Here is the error I get:

C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\MAXINE-VFX-SDK-\MAXINE-VFX-SDK-\samples\UpscalePipelineApp>UpscalePipelineApp.exe --in_file=…\input\input1.jpg --ar_mode=0 --upscale_strength=0 --resolution=1080 --show --out_file=ar_sr_0.png
Error creating effects “ArtifactReduction & Upscale”
Error: The GPU is not supported

Same result with an A10G GPU on an AWS g5.xlarge instance.

Hey @chris85

Maxine AR SDK for Windows will work only 20xx and 30xx + some RTX & Quadro video cards that are mentioned on their site. In order to run Maxine on Nvidia Server GPU (T4, V100, Axx) you need to apply for Early Access to get access to the Linux version of the SDK.

I have applied more than 1 month ago with no response so far…

I hope it helps you

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Thank you for the reply Ilya!

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