Can't download any files

Hello I can’t download anything from Maxine Windows AR SDK | NVIDIA NGC
Can anyone help me or give me a valid download link?

Hi, I am going to move this topic over to the Maxine forum for better visibility.

Please provide more context. Are you signed into NGC?

Yes I have logged in but when I click on download nothing happens.Tried on various android,ios,Windows and Mac OSs but can’t download it.

Could you copy and paste what link, if any, is presented to you? Maybe a screenshot if you are comfortable with that?

Could you please provide me a link that works ?Its emergency.

Hello, Im facing the same problem, did you find a solution?

Im facing the same problem did you guys find any solution?

Tracking here : Maxine SDK Download Link is dead - Deep Learning (Training & Inference) / Maxine - NVIDIA Developer Forums