Pose Tracker to Unreal in Realtime (UE)

Hello guys,

I’ve posted in the Machinima forum, but here might be a better place.

Pose Tracker is very powerful! Is it possible to transmit the live mocap data generated from webcam, to UNREAL in realtime? Like a livelink.

Hello @89544794! Happy to hear you are liking the Post Tracker! I asked the Unreal Team if this is possible. I will let you know when I hear back!

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Thanks a lot, Wendy

Hi, just following on this… would you have any news on the topic? Thanks a lot @WendyGram !!

Thank you for your interest, honestly. The Unreal team is not currently focused on USD animation streaming, but it’s definitely something we would like to pursue in the future. I suppose this is like saying, “sorry, no news”, but please know that we’d love to do it. Besides “trying it out”, do you have a specific use case in mind?