VCAM support

Unreal VCAM driver is a virtual camera controlled by an operator on set with a physical appliance, an actual camera, iPad, etc. Is there a way to live connect this camera to a camera in Omniverse so another user, running Create or View, could observe?

Hello @user133664! I will ask the dev team about VCAM. Have you looked into our WebRTC Browser?

Fundamentally, it should be possible. Really what you’ll need is to map your virtual camera BP actor’s xform and settings to a camera in the USD stage. I don’t think that the Connector will automatically detect the VCam BP’s camera component and map it to a USD camera, but you can do that mapping in blueprint. You’ll want to configure your Omniverse plugin settings to Keep Changes During Play In Editor Session. Then, in an actor BP you can find the camera you want to control, then apply the VCam’s transform and settings to the USD camera. If you have a live session active it should replicate through Nucleus.

I’ve been a little vague because I can’t seem to get my iPhone to connect to the Unreal Editor Live Link, otherwise I was going to make a video for you. Let us know if you have any success, and if you don’t I’ll keep trying to try and get the iOS Live Link VCAM app to connect to Unreal and make a video for you.

I’ve done this before, but it was a while ago, here’s a video of a replicated Unreal VCam in Create: