Is there any way to virtualize the Jetson GPU?

Title says it all.

Hi scrane31,

Not sure what is “virtualize the Jetson GPU” Could you describe it in detail?
Have you ever seen similar use case on dGPU?


So here is an example of NVidia’s virtual gpu. The Telsa GPU is capable of virtualizing, making it seem like many gpus when it’s physically one.

In my application on the Jetson I’d like to house several apps developed by different individuals. Yes I can get the same effect by just getting docker containers to all use the same GPU, but I think there might be an efficiency bump with setting up a truly virtualized GPU.

I just wanted to see what might be out there.

Hi scrane31,

We never tried that on Jetson platform, thus don’t know if that really can work, even don’t know whether can work well.