Is this nvoverlaysink element not supported on the A6000?what should I do?

About remove deepstream-test3’s delay, I used the suggestion given by other topic, in replacing the element of sink (neglglessink->nvoverlaysink).

I tested on A6000 and found that I couldn’t find this nvoverlaysink element, the ds version is 6.1, it doesn’t work.
But I tested on tx2 and found this nvoverlaysink element, the ds version on tx2 is 6.0.

Is this nvoverlaysink element not supported on the A6000, then what should I do?

nvoverlaysink is for Jetson platform only.

I am using xavier and the plugin is not found using the gst-inpsect-1.0 nvoverlaysink command, this command tested with no problems. Is it possible that the nvoverlaysink plugin was dropped after 6.1.0?
xavier’s ds version is 6.1.0

The nvoverlaysink plugin is deprecated in L4T release 32.1. Please use nvdrmvideosink or nv3dsink for rendering gst-v4l2 decoder output.

Please look for more details in another topic from yourself. The nvoverlaysink does not seem to take any notice of the window size set - Intelligent Video Analytics / DeepStream SDK - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Why is the deepstream-test3 demo using rtsp webcam delayed so much?
It originally used the nveglglessink plugin, which was replaced with nvoverlaysink as mentioned in another topic, but this plugin doesn’t support the latest version of ds anymore.
I use deepstream-test3 demo to load rtsp cameras in how should I reduce the delay? Replace the nveglglessink->nvdrmvideosink plugin like you said?

Please raise new topic for new issue.

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