Isaac Gym Installation Errors


I am following the user guide to install issacgym on my machine and got errors.

I did these according to the installation guide:

  • In the python subdirectory, run:
  • pip install -e .

However, I got this errors:
requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 404 Client Error: Not Found for url:

Could you please guide me on how to fix this error? Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi @yuan.truyenbao

That’s rather odd - the rl-pytorch library is included in the Isaac Gym files you downloaded, and the file should be automatically installing that as a file-based dependancy.

You can try manually installing rl-pytorch by navigating to rlgpu/rl-pytorch and running pip install -e . from there.

What version of python and pip are you using?

Take care,


I had the same issue, and I solved it by upgrading pip (from version 9.0.1 to 21.0.1).

python -m pip install --upgrade pip