Isaac ROS 2.0.0 released

Isaac ROS 2.0.0 has been released with Jetpack 5.1.2 support, pre-built ROS 2 Humble debian packages for Jetson, CUDA with NITROS to develop your own NITROS-enabled nodes, new ESS 3.0 stereo depth DNN, NITROS Bridge for optimized integration of Isaac ROS packages with existing ROS 1 applications, and more!

Check out the ROS Discourse announcement here:

Also, take a look at Nova Carter built with Jetson AGX Orin and Isaac ROS:

Try Isaac ROS 2.0.0 today by visiting here or on GitHub: NVIDIA Isaac ROS ยท GitHub

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I know the prebuilt binaries are for Humble, but can we compile these packages ourselves to target ROS2 Iron, or are there known compatibility issues?

Great job. Thanks :D